Drugabilis is the first CRO specialized in pharmaceutical drugability for research. Expertise in Human and Animal health solid form characterization and formulation development.

We deliver both experimental support and consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, not-for-profit organizations and complementary CROs. Read more



Drugabilis is a founding member of the French Association

AFSSI Sciences de la Vie.









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Drugabilis has received

for 2014, 2015 and 2016

 the "Agrément Crédit Impôt Recherche"
from the French Ministry of Research.

Drugabilis has been accredited since 2006.

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Drugabilis is a funding member of the French Association AFSSI Sciences de la Vie.

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Begining of 2006,
Drugabilis receives confirmation of its Young Innovative Company status from the French authorities.

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Drugabilis is recognised and supported by Genopole® since end of 2005. Since then the company is bearing the Genopole® label.

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Drugabilis is awarded by the "Scientipole Initiative" board of experts. Scientipole Initiative is a non-governmental organisation in charge of supporting and coaching innovative technological start-ups.

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Durgabilis is a member of MEDICEN


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Drugabilis will be present at MEET2WIN 2018 in Bordeaux (France) 17-18 May 2018


•Drugabilis will be present at Bio-Europe Spring 2018 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 12-14 March 2018


•Drugabilis was present at BioFIT 2017 in Strasbourg (France) in November 2017

Drugabilis was present at Bio-Europe in Berlin (Germany) in November 2017

bioeurope 2017


Drugabilis was present at CPhI worldwide in Frankfurt (Germany) in October 2017



Drugabilis was present at 5e édition des Universités d'Eté AFSSI in Marseille (France) in July 2017


Drugabilis was present at MEET2WIN 2017 in Bordeaux (France) in May 2017

Drugabilis was present at Bio-Europe spring 2017 in Barcelona (Spain) in March 2017

Drugabilis was present at Biofit 2016 in Lille (France) in December 2016

biofit 2016


Drugabilis was present at Bio-Europe 2016 in Cologne (Germany) in November 2016

bioeurope 2016


Drugabilis was present at BIO International Convention 2016 in San Francisco (United States) in June 2016


Drugabilis was present at MEET2WIN 2016 in Bordeaux (France) in May 2016

Drugabilis was present at ODD 2016 in Evreux (France)  in May 2016

Drugabilis was present at Biofit 2015 in Strasbourg (France) in December 2015


Biofit 2015


 Drugabilis was present at Bio-Europe 2015 in Munich (Germany) in November 2015


Bioeurope 2015