Early Formulation for animals


In vivo experiments require appropriate formulations. Research programs are full of examples where drug PK profiles, tolerance, oral bioavailability or efficacy results have been significantly biased due to poor dosing vehicles or protocols.

Because in vivo experiments are so critical for project teams to make relevant decisions, they have to be conducted right the first time. Drugabilis therefore designs and characterizes early formulations that are adapted to the compounds physicochemical profile, the animal model physiology and the route of administration, in order to achieve each specific experimental objectives.

We are committed to work on minimal API amount and to meet very short deadlines. Depending on the selected early formulations and animal models, we may suggest modifications to optimize the dosing protocols and secure the study outcome. At request, we may also assist our customers in deciding what study to be performed as well as in interpreting the study findings.

Early formulation support includes:

  • Formulation of low soluble compounds for parenteral injection Read more >
  • IV/PO formulations for pharmacokinetic studies
  • Formulations of suspensions (including highly concentrated suspensions and reduced particle size suspensions)
  • Aqueous gels formulation
  • Formulation of oral solutions