Salt selection


Salt selection is highly critical in the overall development process of a given active pharmaceutical ingredient. Frequent reasons for initiating a salt selection study are:

  • Improvement of poor physical properties
  • Solubility, dissolution and related bioavailability enhancement
  • Chemical degradation management
  • Process chemistry reasons such as purification or crystallization

Drugabilis will help you identify when to initiate efforts in a salt selection process. Thanks to our micro-scale screening methodology and characterization capabilities, we will then help you answer two main questions:

  • What counter-ions form crystals when associated to my API?
  • Which of the possible salts is likely to be the most suitable?

Drugabilis salt selection program will include:

  • Suitable counter-ion selection based on the drug delivery route, the study objectives and the API profile
  • Micro-scale salt screening tests
  • Hit-scale up to produce analytical samples for further characterization
  • Full characterization of the analytical samples
  • Comparison of the resulting “salt-candidates” and the parent compound properties according to the specific objectives of the study