Co-crystal screening


Oral absorption of BCS class II drugs is solubility limited. If the compound of interest is not ionizable, it is not possible to improve its solubility by making a salt. Furthermore, techniques like particles size reduction would improve dissolution rate but will not change the maximal concentration achievable in a solution.

As a relatively new response to this absorption issue, co-crystal strategy is a way to significantly increase compound soluble fraction and therefore potentially oral absorption.


Drugabilis co-crystal screening includes


  •  Choice of a list of ligands (more than 50 ligands are available)
  • In house screening methodology designed to favor the formation of co-crystals from compound-ligands mixtures
  • Identification of the couples compound-ligands that co-crystallizes
  • Characterization of the co-crystals: physical and physico-chemical properties are investigated thanks to Drugabilis expertise in both solid state and preformulation issues
  • Prioritization of the identified co-crystals